China is not going to approve the Pokémon Go and other similar games

Published on Jan 11, 2017


Pokémon GO has been a success almost the planetarium, as well as a media event truly exceptional: however, the game of Niantic is not yet available in China and, probably, will not be short.

Despite Pokémon GO has been accused of causing road accidents, some of which are fatal, surely I'm not the distraction, the main reason for the ban. It is very likely, in fact, that the chinese censorship is concerned, especially the tracking of the location of the users, where the data would end up in the hands of us companies.

We recall, in fact, that Pokémon GO based on the own experience of the game on a mix of augmented reality and geolocation, and both aspects are not well seen by the chinese government.

Also, the game is based on the localization services of Google, are blocked in China. Although there are some chinese companies that have made similar games, based on augmented reality and location services, most likely the chinese government will continue to block similar titles made by u.s. companies. And, in short, don't expect to play Pokémon GO in China, at least for now.