Apple has made it out of the app to find AirPods lost

Published on Jan 10, 2017


Since when were presented, anyone who has seen the AirPods you will be asked, but are we sure that take? And if I lose?

Well, one developer had tried to solve this problem, by developing an app called Finder for AirPods: it was a software from the cost of 3.99$, which lets you use the Bluetooth signal to find a headset is lost. Simplifying, the system used was very similar to that of the various Bluetooth tracker, with the obvious limitations of the Bluetooth signal (i.e. the app could not find a headset that is lost who knows where, but it gave indications on the presence when the AirPod was nearby).

Of course, we are talking about the past, because Apple has decided to remove the Finder for AirPods: it is not clear what are the reasons, but according to the company Cupertino the app violated the rules of the App Store. We will let you have further updates in relation to each other, if Apple would provide more explanations about it.