13 foods not to eat on an empty stomach

Published on Nov 17, 2016


Did you know that there are foods that should not be taken on an empty stomach? Some foods such as walnuts, grapes, watermelon, and honey are perfect to be enjoyed at any time of the day. In fact, they represent a kind of “reload” bonus that we can take during the day to recuperate. Other foods however, if consumed in the morning or between meals, may give some problem of heaviness and acidity. For example, drink orange juice on an empty stomach might be one of the causes of gastritis. But not only oranges can lead to some gastric upset. Among the foods that we should avoid eating on an empty stomach, we find the tomatoes. The tomatoes, in fact, can cause cramps and abdominal pain, for this reason, it is better to eat them after taking other foods. Better to consume it after having eaten something, even the yogurt. In fact, the stomach acids can kill the lactic acid bacteria of the yogurt, and then reduce the benefits of this food. Should be avoided on an empty stomach, of course, the cakes. In fact, consuming fasting for a certain amount of sweets causes a sudden increase in the level of glucose in the blood. Similar reasoning to the fruit juices. If you are unable to do without breakfast, for example, try to consume fruit juice home-made, which certainly contain less sugar than those packed. To cause severe gastric irritation if consumed on an empty stomach, spicy foods. So stop the red pepper flakes, if before we don't eat something else. About gastric irritation, is the cause of troublesome gastritis, they are other than oranges and also mandarins. In fact, if eaten on an empty stomach may irritate the stomach walls. We remain on the topic of fruit. Bananas have a high content of magnesium. So not to cause a rapid increase of magnesium in the blood, it is advisable not to eat them on an empty stomach. The pears, however, it would be better to combine them with other foods, so as not to damage the mucous membranes of the stomach because of the crude fibre contained in them. Many of us consume on an empty stomach, early in the morning, milk, or coffee, or food baked. Foods baked, despite being among the favourite food for breakfast, should not be eaten in the fasting because they tend to inflate the stomach. Drink milk on an empty stomach may limit the proper absorption of calcium and protein, two nutrients that characterize this beverage. The coffee, drank it on an empty stomach, determines the secretion of fatty acids so, it would be better to pair it with other foods. The last of the foods that we should avoid eating on an empty stomach are the cucumbers. In fact, especially if eaten raw, can cause stomach cramps.