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Quarrel between fans of AMD and Nvidia: a dead

We are in Saransk in Russia and two ex-colleagues, a fan of Nvida and AMD other, meet for work, and during a discussion, apparently very turned on because of the alcohol, one of the two loses its head and a knife in the other.No, we're not telling the incipit of the new thriller from Jonathan Demme,...


Bethesda is working on a new mobile game - News

On the basis of the success obtained by the Fallout Shelter. The Fallout Shelter has been a success, and so Bethesda is know to have started the development of a new project intended for the mobile market. To confirm it was the game director Todd Howard, in the course of an interview with the site GameSpot....

Shown in the first unboxing of the Nintendo Switch

Missing very little at the exit of the Nintendo Switch and someone has already managed to get their hands on him, for a divine grace.A user of NeoGaf has had the good fortune to receive it a few weeks in advance, and thanks to the YouTube channel FloKO, he showed it to all via an unboxing video, which...