The idiocy of the week - The art of the gift

Fresh blood donation, the brothers Palmisano extend the topic of the gift also in this episode, with a pusher, which is an unexpected gift to the police, a woman who leaves the work to offer herself to the partner, and a sweet granny who realizes to his grandson a blanket with a slight oversight... In...

Overwatch: Ranked Play - Long Play

Thomas Valentini to play again in Live with Overwatch, this time with the so-called competitive play (Ranked Play), in the PC version.


Short Circuit - 20-April 2017

Below, the topics of this episode: - All the news about Star Wars Battlefront II and the Star Wars Celebration in 2017 held in Orlando. - Q&A; with users. In connection with Antonio Moro, editor-in-chief of the League NERD, and with Umberto Moioli, editorial manager of the Multiplayer.en. The short...

Assembles and it'll Pass #92 - Heading

Among the protagonists of the new Assembles that Passes, there are NVIDIA and Intel, that are not wishing to leave too much space to AMD. Assembles and it'll Pass is a weekly column that gathers the main news related to the hardware from the gaming PC's and offers three configurations, divided for price...

Lunch with H1Z1, King of the Kill

Emanuele Gregori to play for us in H1Z1: King of the Kill, the multiplayer in the arena of the MMO with the zombies of Daybreak Games, in the PC version.

N. E. R. d.D. - Scorpio Master Race? - The video response

Project Scorpio is a theme that still kindles the minds and promises to split the players for a long time: on the one hand, those who can't wait to know more details and to put to the test its so much chat power and those who have not yet figured out what to blend in the head to Microsoft. Sides net,...

Sparco in the world of video games

The company is active in motor racing embarks on an unusual adventure that will bring to market products designed and manufactured for the gamers and especially for the fans of the titles of the guide. We spoke to Aldino Bellazzini, CEO of Sparco, and Marco Falaguerra, marketing manager.

Lunch with Full Throttle Remastered

Pierpaolo Greco back into Live to play a small pearl of the past in a remastered version, that is with Full Throttle Remastered, epic adventure game produced by LucasArts revived in a restored version and improved on a PC.

This week on the PlayStation Store - April 20 - Book

Full Throttle Remastered, Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap, and the debut of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. Announced during the PlayStation Experience in December, Full Throttle Remastered (PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in cross-buy, € 14.99) marks yet another great return to the classics that...

Star Wars: Battlefront II - Eye to the Trailer

With the arrival of the first movie dedicated to Star Wars Battlefront II, the good Vincent has decided to analyse it in detail to find all the information (and some guesswork) on the result of the online shooter developed by dice and set in the Star Wars galaxy.

On Saturday, Alfredo Salvi presents “The two Lands”, “his” Luino between football and poetry

Saturday, April 22, from 16 hours at the space “Vivi33” of Luino, in a “Lake in a haystack” presents the new book of poems by Alfredo Salvi, “The two Lands”, with illustrations by Stefano Mazzari. The bridge between two worlds, football and poetry, the inside and the outside, and a Luino loved as a precious...

Overwatch: Revolt - Long Play

Thomas Valentini play for us to Overwatch, taking advantage of the release of the new event, "Rebellion", which introduces a new PvE Coop for 4 players (PC version).