Resident Evil 6 - Long Play

Emanuele Gregori ends the #RoadToRE7 with the latter and discussed chapter in the series, Resident Evil 6, played on the PlayStation 3.

Lunch with Resident Evil Revelations 2 - #RoadToRE7

Once again the protagonist Emanuele Gregori in A dining room with dedicated to our marathon weekly #RoadToRE7, and this time to play Resident Evil Revelations 2 (PC version).


Assembles and it'll Pass #79 - Contacts

A Assemble that you Pass in the name of the GPU to the extreme that soon will be confronted with the frightening 4K resolution. Assembles and it'll Pass is a weekly column that gathers the main news related to the hardware from the gaming PC's and offers three configurations, divided for price ranges,...

The idiocy of the Week - Questions of principle

There are those who because of his struggles is seen to deny the citizenship, who throws to the winds the years of feminist battle to gain publicity and who is willing to do literally crazy for the last chip... In the idiocy of the Week, Andrea and Fabio will tell you the most weird, crazy, absurd,...

Resident Evil 5 - Long Play #RoadToRE7

Thomas Valentini enters in the vein of #RoadToRE7 playing for us Resident Evil 5, in the original version for the Xbox 360.

Lunch with Resident Evil 4 - #RoadToRE7

Antonio Fucito is again the protagonist of the Lunch special #RoadToRE7, and will return to play for us in Resident Evil 4, discussed in the chapter that renew the gameplay and introduces you to interesting news, played in the PC version.

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis - Long Play #RoadToRE7

Marco Salemi is back in our marathon of #RoadToRE7 to play one of the chapter the most beloved of the series, or Resident Evil 3: Nemesis in the original version of the PlayStation emulated on the PlayStation 3.

Lunch with Resident Evil 0 HD - #RoadToRE7

Antonio Fucito back to play for our #RoadToRE7 the good Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster, the edition in high definition of the popular Prequel to the series released on the Dreamcast, played in the PlayStation version 4.

Resident Evil 2 - Long Play #RoadToRE7

Marco Salemi is once again the protagonist in the marathon of #RoadToRE7, and will play for us as the everlasting Resident Evil 2, in the original version, PlayStation emulated on the PlayStation 3.

Resident Evil - Long Play #RoadToRE7

Marco Salemi opened the very first appuntameto evening of our #RoadToRE7, and play for us at the original and timeless, Resident Evil in the PlayStation version, emulated on the PlayStation 3.

Lunch with Resident Evil HD - #RoadToRE7

Start the Road to Resident Evil 7, a week completely dedicated to survival horror, Capcom, and in Lunch with today's Emanuele Gregori play Resident Evil HD Remaster, which is the re-release in HD of the Remake of the first chapter, on the PlayStation 4.

Resident Evil 7: the Collector's Edition - Unboxing

We're back with our special Unboxing video to show you, in detail, the new Collector's Edition of Resident Evil 7, which has just arrived in the newsroom! Together with Antonio we then discover what's in the box in detail!

Steep - Long Play

Marco Salemi plays for us in the PlayStation version 4 of the Steep, the esteemed title of extreme sports in the winter.